Awingu was founded in the end of 2011 and commercially launched in 2014.

Today, Awingu is available on an international scale and active in over 20 countries spanning across every continent. The Awingu software is distributed through a global distribution network and sold via a primarily partner-driven model, and we are proud to have strategic partnerships with technology giants such as BlackBerry, Barracuda and Microsoft. Furthermore, Awingu is also available via the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

In times where the ‘friction’ between IT departments and the end-users has never been bigger, we are dedicated to close that gap. Awingu’s easy-to-use and highly secure unified workspace balances end-users’ requests for a seamless experience to work anywhere, on any device with the IT administrators’ worries about the security of their data and the complexity of their infrastructure.

At Awingu, we are dedicated to improving the life of every stakeholder in the company by easily, securely and cost-efficiently enabling the future of work – one where the workspace is digital, not physical.


Ottergemsesteenweg-Zuid 808, Ghent, 9000 East Flanders, Belgium